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Expecting the Unexpected! Historic Home Renovation Guide

What an adventure it is to embark on the renovation of your historic home! As with any adventure, it is the unexpected twists and turns that bring excitement and anticipation into your renovation story. Within the walls of your home, you might discover some beautiful hardwood under a layer of flooring, or even antique treasures nestled inside hidden nooks! Whatever surprises you might encounter, if you take some time to learn about the processes of renovation, restoration, and decoration, then diving into your unique project can be a joyful journey.

Major Structural Renovations

“Measure twice, cut once,” has often been expressed as a helpful idiom when involved in building projects. The planning stage of such a significant project should be given adequate time and consideration before unwanted walls begin to come down. Your local historic preservation program will state any preservation laws that are applicable to your structure, and at Tye Interior Design, we can help you navigate these steps. Once you know the parameters you are able to work within, then it is time to start dreaming! Even if you plan to maintain the original integrity of the home, you still may need to level the home or repair some structural damage. If you are hoping to remove or add a wall or two in order to add functionality to the space while also retaining the historical beauty, this is possible and must be done while considering which walls are load-bearing or holding electrical or plumbing. This is where some surprises might come in! Thankfully, with infrared sensors and electrical tracing equipment, much of what is behind a wall can be identified before any walls are torn down. Whether you work with our team or another interior designer, make sure they partner with licensed and experienced architects and builders, so that during any major renovations, the structural integrity of your home is maintained.

Original Material Restoration

It is time to begin making your home shine! This might be literal, depending on how you choose to finish your floors! One of the most common surfaces restored in old homes is the old wood flooring. You may pull up an old carpet and find beautiful hardwood just waiting for a magic touch! Depending on the extent of the wear and damage done to the floors, the restoration may require some extra care by historic restoration experts who are skilled in salvaging old wood. Many finishes are available, whether oil or water-based finishes, and they can be chosen depending on how your space will be used. Will it welcome heavy or light traffic? Also, what period of time are you hoping to preserve? Various methods of restoration, finish, and maintenance can enhance the beauty and prepare the space for how it will be used. Tye Interior Design can assist you with these flooring decisions, as well as helping you navigate the restoration and maintenance of all the unique elements of character in your home.

Aesthetically Pleasing Decoration

Interior design of any home includes maintaining a unified feel, while also giving each individual space its own character. Bring this concept into a historic home, and you will find yourself in the middle of an exciting venture. An experienced design consultant will come alongside you as you decorate your home with strategies using proper finishes, splashes of color, comfortable furnishings, and lovely accessories, all the while ensuring that your home is uniquely you. Sometimes the unexpected surprise along the way is simply that your home turns out better than expected!

Whether your home has endured the years without a lot of change, or it has been significantly modified over time, we hope you jump into this venture with excitement. Our portfolio displays recent home decorating and renovation projects that might inspire you to consider some fun options!  Tye Interior Design  is within walking distance of the Historic McGregor neighborhood of Ft. Myers, which includes the Thomas Edison Estate . We would love to visit with you and answer any questions you have about renovating or restoring your unique home!

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