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Top 5 Tips For Designing your Dream Master Suite

Your bedroom is the center of where your relaxation, unwinding and rest will happen within your home. Have you recently decided to take on the project of renovating (or creating) your perfect master suite, but you’re not sure where to start? There are several different design aspects and amenities that will be key in the creation of your dream bedroom. Here are 5 of our top tips to help get you started!

1. Consider your color palette 

Choosing the right colors and paints for your bedroom is the starting point for designing your beautiful master suite. According to Homes & Gardens, a few things to consider when selecting your color palette are:

  • Mood  – how do you want your bedroom to make you feel?
  • Lighting – sunlight affects the way your colors will look; are you getting sun from the North, South, East or West?
  • Early bird or night owl – morning people tend to like brighter colors where evening lovers lean towards darker colors.
  • Check out your favorite clothing for some color inspiration.
  • Consider adding wallpaper.
  • Add in bold accent colors.

2. Choose the right flooring for you

Adding the best flooring for your bedroom is going to help bring the whole room together. Real Wood Floors discusses a few popular wood flooring options and why you may want to use them. One option is engineered wood flooring – it’s beautiful, resilient and less prone to moisture damage.

Another great option for bedrooms is wood-look tile. These are great as they offer durability, they’re easy to clean and are budget-friendly.

With any hard-material flooring, you can always pick out a rug in order to create optimum bedroom coziness!

3. Don’t forget about your bathroom

Bathrooms are such an important part of our day. It’s where we get ready to tackle the day and where we go to wash the day off and unwind. Some design elements to include when you redo your en suite include:

Designing a zen bathroom can help you start your day off on the right foot and unwind you at the end of the day for a deep night of sleep!

4. Choose decor that is a reflection of you (don’t worry, we’ve got this covered!)

Picking the right décor for your bedroom can include an array of different elements. Good Housekeeping lists 65 different tips for when it comes time to furnish your master suite. Only a few of these include attractive light fixtures, statement wooden benches and beautiful throw pillows, all of which we can curate for you.

Adding decor can be beautiful, functional or both and should let your personality shine throughout your room!  As an interior designer, we help you with all of this. In the meantime, you can get a feel for your personal design style here!

5. Incorporate some useful technology

When considering what kind of technology you want to use throughout your bedroom, you want to be sure you’re taking advantage of all the options you have available to you! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Adding in any of these tech-savvy elements to your bedroom will assist you in enjoying a relaxing night of unwinding and sleeping. Motorized blinds can help you ensure that the sunlight stays out of your room, climate control can keep your space exactly the way you want it all night long, and a smart bed can keep you sleeping like a baby till your alarm goes off!

Designing your master suite is an exciting step in any level of home renovation or new build. It’s where you’re going to spend quality time with yourself and resting. Making sure it’s exactly what you want is going to optimize the way you feel throughout the rest of your day! If you’re looking for help with designing your master suit or entire home, we’d love to work with you! Contact us to learn more and get started.

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