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Your Guide to Creating Your Dream Kitchen

If homeowners went to school to learn about fixing up their houses, kitchen remodeling would be their final exam. That is why designers and tradespeople serve to help homeowners in the remodeling process. The kitchen is the one room that touches on every aspect of renovation: interior design and space planning, cabinetry and storage, major appliances, lighting, ventilation, and no small amount of plumbing and electrical work.

Designing the perfect kitchen is one of the most exciting remodeling projects a homeowner can take on. It allows you to be creative and implement practical solutions. Before you begin with a designer, here are some things to decide and keep in mind.

List Elements You Want in Your Kitchen

Assessing your current kitchen is the first step into any kitchen design. You’ll want to figure out what you love about your kitchen and what you wish you could add, change, or modify to make it better. This process should help you discover your “must-have” design elements, as well as what you can do without.

Kitchen Flooring: Choosing the Best Material

Kitchens are wet, messy places that see more foot traffic than any other room in the house. You might start narrowing the many flooring material options. Tile, specifically porcelain tile, is the king of kitchen flooring materials. It’s attractive, versatile, extremely hard-wearing, and waterproof. For open concept floor plans, it is often favorable to carry the main living flooring throughout the kitchen.

Space Makers

Kitchen storage can be customized to accommodate your needs. Kitchen ergonomics should always be a factor in your design. Adding drawers or pull-out shelves in base cabinets makes them much more accessible and using open shelving gives you easy access to everyday items. Consider wall ovens instead of a range that can be safer to access when transferring hot items. All these elements can make a kitchen more comfortable and easier to work in.

Choose the Best Color Scheme for Kitchen Cabinets

Color is perhaps as important as the style of cupboards you choose as it will be the first thing anyone notices about your kitchen. The most popular color choice for a kitchen is white, closely followed by cream, off-white, and pale grey, and this is a good option if you want your kitchen to be a backdrop for you to add your own color and personality in decor while retaining a classic kitchen design that won’t date, is easy to redecorate around in future, and which won’t put off future house-buyers.

Lighting is Absolutely Essential

Lighting plays an essential role in every room, especially the kitchen. The reason for this is simple: it has a functional use as well as an effect on the aesthetics. Consider concealed spotlights beneath your wall cabinets to make prepping food easier, statement lights above your kitchen island that you can control on a dimmer depending on the mood you want to create, and even plinth lights that are fun along the base of your floor cabinets to subtly illuminate your kitchen walkways after dark. Whatever you decide, consider how each option will add to the function and atmosphere of your kitchen so that your space serves every purpose possible.

Select the Best Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen worktops need to work with your budget as well as taste. Think about quartz, which is durable, unlike marble that can fade away with time. Granite can be a good option but can appear “busy.” Opt for the best quality you can. Wood looks warm and is pleasing to touch but does need regular care. Natural stone can look spectacular, and each piece has a unique appearance. It should be sealed. Man-made composites are hard-wearing and easy to look after.

Do you need assistance with designing your kitchen? That is what we do best at Tye Interior Design. Contact us to learn more and get started.

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